Saturday, September 06, 2008

Market Report: 9/6/08

After missing last week's farmers' market, I had hoped to get to the market bright and early today.

That didn't quite happen: due to circumstances beyond my control, I ended up playing chauffeur to the Chef Mother, and we enjoyed a hearty breakfast with the Renaissance Man at a downtown restaurant before making it to the market.

Surprisingly, I didn't face too much harassment from my favorite farmers, perhaps because the damp weather and the start of the county fair kept the market crowd down and they were just happy to see someone.

The Lady Bountiful wasn't able to make it to the market today, but she sent her parents in her stead, and they had the usual colorful array of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, potatoes, and many other vegetables. We stopped to visit with them, and while the Chef Mother picked up more tomatillos, I ended up buying a pint of Fairy Tale eggplant.

After a bit of good natured teasing from Handyman Joe, I walked away with a trio of cookies for snacks (since I won't have time to bake this weekend). I also bought a bag of whole wheat pasta from the Herb Lady, two bunches of broccoli from the Amish Farmers, and a pint of honey from the Bee Man.

I spent a little extra time with the folks from the local orchard once I spotted the Fredonia grapes. After a bit of negotiating, I ended up with a full peck of grapes along with a quart of their Bartlett pears. Why so many grapes? I fully intend to get grape juice started this afternoon, and I promise, you'll hear more about it later.

That's all I bought, believe it or not -- I didn't want to overload myself with preservation work as I have hopes of visiting the county fair yet this weekend.

But it's a pretty good haul, even for that!

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