Saturday, September 20, 2008

Market Report: 9/20/08

By the end of a busy week, there's not a whole lot that would pull me out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

But I love my farmers' market, and I'm not going to miss it, so I was up early and ready to make it to the market by the time they opened.

Compared to last week, there were almost double the number of farmers and vendors in place, though the number was still well below the midsummer peak. Nonetheless, it was wonderful to spend time wandering around and chatting with many of them.

I started in the quadrant of the town square that contained the "overflow," despite knowing that that section had the bulk of crafts and baked goods (things I don't usually buy). But I visited with the Pita Princess, back for the first time this year after an extended visit with her family back home in Turkey. Aside from her, I also stopped to say hello to the Mennonite baker and to buy a loaf of her oatmeal-wheat bread, and to buy a butternut squash and a buttercup squash from a group of new young farmers.

Back in the usual section of the square, I stopped for a lengthy visit with the Lady Bountiful and bought a small basket of broccoli (and took the handful of poblanos that she gave me). I also had a long visit with the Spelt Baker as she drew me into conversation with a father visiting his college-age son on family weekend -- but I also bought some of her beautiful carrots and a bunch of Chioggia beets.

The orchard stand across the way had Concord grapes at last, so I bought half a peck of them along with a quart of President plums. They didn't have their usual tub of cider out, so I'll just have to stop by the orchard sometime this weekend to get my first jug of the season.

I visited briefly with one of the Cheerful Lady's sons, buying a handful of small onions, and I saw the Madcap Farmer across the way with plenty of fall greens, so I stopped to say hello and to buy a bunch of curly kale and two bags of spinach.

Finally, I lingered for a moment to greet the Fiddlin' Farmer (and buy a small head of his red cabbage), and before I left, he promised to save a dance for me at the next contra in town.

In all, I ended up filling my backpack to overflowing (even a side pocket filled with goat milk soaps from the Goat Lady), and I staggered on to my next stop before heading home. I'll certainly have plenty of work with this batch of produce!

The end of the season might be coming all too soon, but I'm still finding lots of good food!

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