Saturday, September 13, 2008

Market Report: 9/13/08

After some beautiful sunny days earlier this week, we headed into the weekend with rain. And this morning, the rain continued to pour down upon us.

That's the most obvious reason why only about half the usual farmers and vendors appeared at the market this morning, and why the crowd was nearly nonexistent.

Granted, some farmers' crops are tapering off already, and there are bound to be a few who just hadn't planned to stay through the entire season. But it's always a melancholy day when the dwindling numbers become obvious.

The up side to the smaller market crowd, though, was that I was able to spend plenty of time talking with my favorite farmers!

I didn't find a whole lot that I needed to buy, since I still have the bulk of my CSA produce waiting for me. But I did pick up half a peck of Bartlett pears from the local orchard (after giving the gentleman a good-natured ribbing about not seeing any vinegar yet).

Other than that, I bought a handful of smaller zucchini and summer squash as well as a cucumber from the Lady Bountiful, knowing that those would give me plenty of options for quick meals in the coming week, and I picked up a pair of small onions from the Cheerful Lady (as well as a couple cookies).

I also arranged with the Cheerful Lady to buy half a free-range (not certified organic but pretty close) turkey for My Wonderful Parents' Thanksgiving table, so aside from the final details, that's been worked out. (I meant to do this last year but didn't do it in time.)

I trudged home in the pouring rain, unloaded my finds, and settled in with some hot herbal tea and a cookie before heading into the kitchen to take care of some of that produce.

Looks like it might be a quiet weekend for a change!

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