Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Oven It

I had hoped to handle just a couple of preservation projects this weekend, but the limited finds at the farmers' market yesterday knocked one project off the list.

Not to worry, though. This damp weather has made me feel a strong urge to fire up the oven for the weekend.

I started Friday evening with drying some peppers and onions, and once I had those in the oven, I made a small pot of s'chee, the Russian cabbage soup that so often heralds the true beginning of fall in my home. All the produce was from my CSA (save for the carrots, which came from the market), and I topped it with homemade yogurt and served it with a semi-locally brewed kombucha (a fermented drink that the Renaissance Man picked up on one of his trips to southeastern Ohio).

After putting up some pear sauce (more on that later) during the day yesterday, I decided I needed to do something with some of my produce and chose to make a whole wheat pizza crust, topped with chickweed pesto (from the freezer), a sliced heirloom tomato (from my CSA), and local mozzarella cheese. So satisfying!

And this morning, believe it or not, I cranked up the oven early (after drying more potatoes and peppers) and whipped up a loaf of pear-date bread based on Ed's enticing banana bread. I added some ground golden flaxseeds for a bit of added crunch, two chopped pears, some homemade yogurt, and chopped dates for a moist but crumbly and delicious little loaf that tasted so good with chai for breakfast!

Maybe I'll even make bread yet this afternoon. Who knows?

This is probably the first time in months that I've had so much made over the weekend to start off my work week with a good supply of lunches and snacks.

And I'm definitely lovin' it!

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At 9/14/2008 4:30 PM, Anonymous Clint said...

While you're ready for autumn, my housemates and I are dealing with tomatoes overload, which has resulted in a couple of batches of ketchup. Where in SE did he get the kombucha? I'm from there, so I'm just curious.
(Bloomington's farmer's market is wonderful, by the way.)

At 9/15/2008 7:09 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Hey Clint, good to hear from you! The ketchup sounds great. Someday I might like to try making that. The kombucha came from Raven Rocks, down by Barnesville and Beallsville.

Glad to hear Bloomington is doing well by you, food wise. :-)


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