Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Slice of Life

I don't usually make an elaborate breakfast on weekdays as I'm trying to get other things done before I head to work.

I made an exception this morning.

After a steady course of yogurt and peaches lately, I decided to make something more substantial and pulled out my steel cut oats and the new jug of whole milk to make a thick oatmeal. But while it simmered, I had to appease my stomach with something else:

Fresh cantaloupe. Isn't that a day brightener?

Well, how could I resist? Every time I opened the refrigerator to get out items for my lunch, I smelled that rich, ripe fragrance.

So I cut into it, scooped out the seeds, and sliced it, enjoying two big slices for breakfast and tucking a few more in for my lunch (and perhaps even to share).

Oh, and is it ever good! Homegrown really does taste better, and this cantaloupe tops any I've ever eaten before: juicy but firm and full of good flavor.

That's sweet!

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At 8/28/2008 8:41 PM, Anonymous Janet said...

Oh, excellent! Congratulations, and good job. I'm impressed. The only cantaloupe I ever grew came out of my compost and it was disappointingly tasteless.

At 8/29/2008 7:22 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

I feel very lucky, Janet, after thinking I might not get any melons at all this year! Hope the watermelon is just as good...


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