Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? Week 13

Was it just last week I talked about the beautiful weather we always seem to get on CSA pickup day?

Well, shut my mouth. Today we had a distinct taste of fall, with lowering skies, drizzling rain, and chilly air. Brrr!

But that didn't stop me from tramping out to the fields to take a look at the farm:

Looks like the Lady Bountiful has planted plenty of lettuce to get us through fall, and though I couldn't tell how many varieties were planted, I definitely spotted Freckles (my new favorite).

We're definitely going to be seeing lots of peppers in our baskets from here on out, too. These plants in the former lettuce house are loaded with big green peppers, and I hope soon we'll start to see them turn to red.

I picked some lambs' quarters from the edge of another field as I headed back to the garage, and though I had expected a wait since we arrived after everyone else, the Lady Bountiful surprised me by having all the produce organized in individual share crates this week (instead of the usual overflowing baskets of individual vegetables).

This week's share, divided with My Dear Papa once again, included:

--two Walla Walla sweet onions (split)
--one eggplant (mine, plus I bought an extra)
--two green peppers (told you!; both to my folks)
--one green zucchini (mine)
--one summer squash (my folks)
--three bulbs garlic (one for them, two for me)
--one pint okra (split)
--one quart medium and hot peppers (split)
--four pounds tomatoes (split)
--one quart Matt's Wild Cherry tomatoes (my folks)
--one pint tomatillos (most to me)
--three pounds Red Pontiac potatoes (split)
--one cucumber (my folks)

Whew! Guess I'll be doing some more preserving and cooking soon. (With all the peppers coming my way, I may even have to try pickled peppers or pepper relish this year. We'll see.)

Afterward, we headed back to my folks' place, and while the Chef Mother and I assembled grilled cheese sandwiches (I told you it was a chilly evening), My Dear Papa simmered tomatoes and okra (both from the CSA) together for a savory dish. It made for a simple but satisfying meal, made all the more enjoyable by giving thanks for the Lady Bountiful and all her hard work before we ate.

Though fall is definitely on the way, it's good to enjoy the taste of summer!

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