Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? Week 11

My cooking of late has been scanty, though I've certainly had plenty of excellent produce to work with, and I've mainly dined on fried okra or fresh kohlrabi and carrots or my old broccoli walnut pasta standby.

Each week when we pick up our CSA basket, though, I get inspired all over again! Last week's basket included the first of the Fairy Tale eggplant, and last evening I finally roasted it and mashed it into baingan bhartha to share with the Renaissance Man.

So how could I not look forward to today's basket?

Once again, the Lady Bountiful lived up to her name and provided us with a colorful selection of only the best produce available!

--two small Mars Red sweet onions in lieu of one large one (for My Wonderful Parents)
--two small Walla Walla sweet onions (ditto)
--one White Cloud eggplant (for my folks) and one pint Fairy Tale eggplant (for me)
--two large green peppers (for them) and one Lilac Beauty pepper (for me)
--three bulbs garlic (mine)
--one Spineless Beauty green zucchini (my folks)
--one Golden Dawn yellow zucchini (mine)
--three small summer squash (split)
--one pint okra (mine)
--four poblano peppers (split)
--one quart mixed hot peppers: jalapeno, serrano, cayenne (split)
--four pounds tomatoes, mixed variety (my folks)
--one pint red cherry tomatoes (my folks)
--three pounds Kennebec potatoes (mine!)
--two small kohlrabi (split)
--one pint of small pickling cucumbers (my folks)
--a small bag of fresh basil (for me) and a small bundle of fresh oregano (for my folks)

If you've read over that list carefully, you might be wondering, "You let your folks have ALL the tomatoes?" And yes, I did.

But lest you think me incredibly self-sacrificing or incredibly foolish, let me put the record straight. I had already emailed the Lady Bountiful this morning to let her know that I wanted to pick up an extra $10 worth of tomatoes for canning, and I would be happy with some seconds.

As always, she was ready for my request, and she let me pick out easily ten pounds' worth of tomatoes (nearly half were seconds, either underripe or blemished). That should be plenty for another batch of pizza sauce yet this week!

Fortunately, aside from storing garlic and potatoes, I don't have to worry about too much other preserving this week, so I can enjoy some of the rest of that produce fresh. The Lady Bountiful always includes one or two recipes in each week's pickup list, and not only did she feature the Chef Mother's new "zucchini surprise" (a dish I sampled over the weekend -- definitely a keeper!), but she also added a recipe for "pizzeria scalloped tomatoes" that sounded like it might be worth trying.

And right now, I have plenty of good food as far as I can CSA.

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