Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Melon Dollar Baby

Things have been pretty quiet in the garden of late, which is why I haven't had much of an update in recent weeks.

After pulling the Tiger Eye bean plants, weeding, and sowing more kale seeds, not much new has happened. Surprisingly, I did end up harvesting some cannellini beans that the Mystery Muncher didn't take, but I think I'll save them to sow next year as there's not really a whole lot to cook.

The tomatoes continue to ripen slowly, and the Southern Belle reports that my younger nephew, Scooter, especially enjoys looking for and picking the little tomatoes that are ready to fall into his hands. She also notes that the whitefly population seems to be less noticeable since we dusted the tomato plants with (of all things!) all-purpose flour. (My Dear Papa suggested that, and it seems to be working. Not sure if it just confuses the white flies or if they appreciate whole grains more!)

And while the watermelon and cantaloupe vines have had fruit growing steadily on them, I've been getting more and more impatient to start harvesting them and enjoying my first melons of the year.

Well, as of this evening, I need wait no more.

The Southern Belle stopped by to deliver the very first cantaloupe from our garden, and it's a precious little beauty, about 5 1/2" in diameter and just big enough to cup in her hands. It's definitely ripe as it has a deliciously potent fragrance of truly good cantaloupe.

Now that's wealth for you: home-grown fruit at the peak of ripeness!

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