Saturday, August 23, 2008

Market Report: 8/23/08

After last week's late arrival at the farmers' market, I knew two things: first, I wanted to get to the market earlier, but second, I knew I didn't have to get there extremely early because anything would be an improvement (and a relief to my favorite farmers!)!

So the Renaissance Man and I strolled down to the market in the morning light, arriving shortly after the market opened, and wandered around to see what everyone had for sale. Though I'd had a lot of vegetables after this week's CSA pickup, yesterday's canning session left me with little to make meals for the next few days, so I knew I needed to restock to a certain extent.

Added to that mission was a call from My Dear Papa to find him another batch of elderberries since what he had gotten in our CSA share this week wasn't quite enough to make his favorite elderberry pie recipe.

Not a problem!

I started by picking up four ears of corn (for one dollar!) from a booth of eager young folks. I haven't eaten much corn fresh this summer as I've either frozen or dried the bulk of it, but I thought a side of corn might go nicely with fried okra, with the okra coming from the Lady Bountiful, of course!

The Lady Bountiful had also held back two bags of elderberries since she thought she had remembered me expressing an interest in them on Wednesday, so I gladly relieved her of one in order to fulfill My Dear Papa's wish. Easy enough!

Across the way, I spotted some luscious little plums and more Reliance grapes at the local orchard's tent, so I decided to splurge on plenty of good fruit for the week. I might even get around to baking something with either item. Who knows?

Back across the parking lot, we visited with the Spelt Farmer who, among many other items, had the first small pears of the season. I bought a basket of six pears, not sure if I would bake with them, eat them, or turn them into liqueur.

The Cheerful Lady had stopped me along the way to let me know she had brought plenty of paste tomato "seconds" (bruised, split, or otherwise unattractive) following my request last week for canning tomatoes, so I headed over to her table and enjoyed a friendly bit of harassment from her husband, Handyman Joe. I ended up buying half a peck of the seconds as well as half a peck of Transparent apples for the first applesauce of the season.

And before we headed back up the road, the Renaissance Man and I chatted with the Fiddlin' Farmer (a fellow contra dancer), and I walked away from his tent with a pint of his organic cherry tomatoes.

Dropping most of the produce at my place, we picked up my canning equipment, a flat of jars, and some of the fruit to deliver to My Wonderful Parents. My Dear Papa was tickled with his elderberries, and the Chef Mother raised an eyebrow but chuckled when I said I was leaving the Transparent apples with her to make sauce for me. (Hey, she wanted to make applesauce but hadn't bought her own apples yet. Why not start on mine? I'm such a thoughtful daughter, I know.)

Mission accomplished!

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