Saturday, August 16, 2008

Market Report: 8/16/08

Since My Fabulous Aunt and Uncle were in town for the weekend and staying at the Inn, I naturally signed up for breakfast duty for this morning. I didn't have much to do aside from reheating things and setting out the meal, but I did end up lingering at the Inn to clean up and to turn two rooms.

That meant that MFA and I made it to the farmers' market at the unspeakably late (for me) hour of 11 AM. Every farmer I visited gave me a gentle ribbing about being late, but they assured me that I hadn't missed all the good stuff.

And they were right! I found some unusual items this week, as well as some favorites:

--well over a quart of rose hips from the Sheep Lady
--potatoes and whole wheat pasta from the Herb Lady
--two pints of honey from the Bee Man
--half a peck of Reliance grapes from the local orchard
--a quart of tomatillos and a small bunch of onions from the Lady Bountiful
--spelt flour, spelt berries, and a Mediterranean flatbread (I was hungry!) from the Spelt Farmer
--some dark red paste tomatoes and six bulbs of what I learned was their farm's "mutant" garlic from the Cheerful Lady and Handyman Joe

I didn't worry about picking up any of the "basic" produce for meals since my refrigerator is still full from Wednesday's CSA pickup -- and since I know I'll be eating out a good deal this weekend with family.

That left me free to stock up on some of the things I don't see every week and to plan a couple more drying projects (the rose hips and the grapes).

And who knows what next week will bring?

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