Sunday, August 03, 2008

How've You Bean?

Another week has passed since I visited the garden, but right now Sunday morning visits seem to work best (especially since it's cooler then than at 5 PM!).

Now that we're in the midst of summer, the garden appears to be a lush tangle of vines and greenery. But if you look more closely, you'll see that there's a lot going on underneath all those leaves.

The carrots are hanging on, even after some hungry critter nibbled down lots of tops. I'm hanging on myself, resisting the urge to pick them all and enjoy them while they're little. If I can hold on until after frost, they'll be even sweeter, and I'll have more to share with My Adorable Nephews!

Unfortunately, the nameless hungry critter appears to have taken a shine to my beans, as most of my garbanzo plants have been gnawed down, and now I'm finding similar damage among the cannellini beans. Argh!

It came as a relief, then, to inspect the Tiger Eye beans and to find that they were ready to pick and dry. I ended up clearing the entire patch, gathering about three quarts of bean pods to shell.

The watermelons continue to grow, and I'm up to at least three sizable fruits. They're not quite ripe yet (I picked one and cut it open, so I know that fact the hard way!), but every week I keep hoping.

And holding onto hope seemed to work well for the cantaloupe, too, as I found three small fruits hidden among the vines. Hurrah!

My Dear Papa came by to prune the tomato bushes again after I had picked about half a dozen small fruit, and once he had finished, I drenched the leaves with soapy water in an attempt to beat off the whiteflies. (Not sure if it will work, but it was worth a try.)

I shared the picked tomatoes with My Wonderful Parents, picked a few more dry dill heads for seeds, fed the Chef Mother a tiny carrot that I pulled on accident, and spread out the beans once I got home to help them dry. (I'll probably shell them later this evening... at least some of them.)

That's bean quite a morning!

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