Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? Week 8

Though I can't say I was jumping for joy to be back at work this week, I can definitely say that I am thrilled to be back into the CSA groove!

My Dear Papa and I headed out to the farm this afternoon, eager to pick up this week's share. And since My Wonderful Parents got the bulk of the produce for the past two weeks, they were happy to let me have it all this week. (And I was happy to take it.)

Another colorful week! Here's what made up the share today:

--one Alisa Craig sweet onion
--one Red Burgamaster onion
--one bunch of Bolero carrots
--one head of Dynamo cabbage
--three bulbs of the first dried garlic
--one Spineless Beauty green zucchini (I love these names!)
--one Gold Rush yellow zucchini
--one pint Patty Pan squash
--one head Snow Crown cauliflower
--one quart of yellow beans
--one quart of Early Girl tomatoes
--one pint of mixed cherry tomatoes (red and gold)
--one quart of Baby Red Pontiac potatoes

A pretty impressive selection, don't you think? Ah, but it gets better.

Since I'm ready to jump back into food preservation this week and may miss the farmers' market again this coming Saturday (maybe not, but I don't know yet), I asked the Lady Bountiful if I could get a second share, as long as she had enough produce to go around. She confirmed that she had plenty, so I paid for the second share on the spot and brought home twice of almost everything -- the exceptions being a large zucchini in exchange for the second Patty Pan squash, three extra pints of cherry tomatoes instead of one, and some extra green beans thrown in for fun. Wow!

I may have come home from vacation to a largely empty refrigerator, but after this, if I go hungry, it's my own darn fault!

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