Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh, Say, Can You CSA? Week 7

No, I'm still not home from vacation, so I'm not around to pick up my CSA share for the week.

Fortunately, My Wonderful Parents not only get to enjoy the produce this week, but they also put in a little time working at the farm today, cleaning garlic for the Lady Bountiful. (They claim to have fulfilled the work portion of the CSA for me... how kind!)

They also shared the list of this week's basket:

--a sweet onion and a red onion
--a bunch of carrots
--more kohlrabi
--two zucchini
--1 quart of summer squash
--both broccoli and cauliflower
--1 quart of green beans
--1 quart of green tomatoes
--red potatoes

Sorry, no photo -- but looking at last week's summary, you can get a good idea of the colorful array of excellent produce!

My Wonderful Parents also assured me that next week, all the produce is mine. That's even more exciting!

So until next week, keep on drooling...

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