Sunday, July 13, 2008

Market Report: 7/12/08

First, I confess that this is not my usual market report, because I left on vacation Friday and am not around my usual farmers' market.

Second, this technically is not a market report as I was too late in arriving at my destination to catch the local farmers' market here.

Still, all is not lost, for I am traveling with the fair Titania, my fellow gourmet and fearless experimental cook, and we are visiting what she considers to be her home territory in the wooded wilds of New Hampshire. (I can't tell you where, exactly -- the family's lake house is in a beautiful area that the locals would like to keep well-hidden, and I find myself inclined to agree.)

For our week's stay at the cottage, the fair Titania contributed her CSA share for the week, not to mention the added produce she received for her work on the CSA farm. That bounty provided us with an enormous bag full of onions, leeks, squash, potatoes, cucumbers, beans, okra, eggplant, turnips, basil, and summer savory.

On top of that, we stopped today at a couple of local farmstands to see what's in season here around the lake.

Though both farms had a lovely selection of fresh produce, we limited ourselves to fragrant fresh dill and two pints of juicy rose-scented red raspberries.

This area charms me with its seemingly old-fashioned (but definitely heart-warming) trust in the essential goodness of human nature. The farmstands operate on the honor system: you take what produce you want from the coolers, weigh it if needed, mark down what you've taken, and deposit your money in a locked box. (OK, they're not blind in their trust.) And it works. (I'm told that several local creameries and farmstands take this approach, and I look forward to visiting them, too.)

Once we had stocked the cottage refrigerator with all our finds, we took a quick dip in the lake and then returned to the kitchen to make dinner: a sauté of onions, squash, and green beans; a tomato-herb focaccia from a local farmstand; raw milk cheddar from Titania's local market; and fresh berries for dessert.

And that's the perfect start to my vacation.

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