Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Food Time Was Had By All

The fair Titania, one of my dearest friends, is also one of the best people I know for sharing a vacation.

Her fearlessly adventurous spirit, her delightful sense of whimsy, her knowledge of local treasures and customs, her willingness to set the excellent example of late mornings and restfully-paced days -- these qualities all inspire in me a sense of total relaxation and enjoyment, both much needed.

When you add in the fair Titania's kitchen ability and poetic appreciation for fresh produce -- well, you can imagine that this week has been one long, exciting exploration and celebration of the area's finest foods.

Following our first evening's meal, we've enjoyed cooking with the local produce from her CSA and from the local farmstands:

--an Indian-inspired meal of dal, raita, chapati, breaded eggplant with blueberry-red onion chutney, and a spicy combination of potatoes and peas

--radish sandwiches on local sunflower seed bread with local creamery butter, and fried okra

--a luscious apricot and plum crisp with locally-brewed rhubarb soda

--a breakfast omelet made with local eggs, raw milk cheddar, and fresh basil

--salad with lettuce from her parents' garden, and cucumber slices dipped in local creamery garlic cheese

--brunch at a local restaurant, featuring produce from a neighboring farm

And I haven't thought once about having to preserve any of it: this week, it's all about appreciating excellent food here and now!

And we have more appreciating to do!

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