Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She's a Busy Bri

I don't generally publicize the causes I support, but once in a while a rare exception deserves to be shouted out to the world.

Back in April, I told you about my sister-in-blogging, Bri, and her recent recurrence of breast cancer. She hasn't had a whole lot of energy as she begins her treatments, so she has been very selective in her activities and not updating her blog as much.

The trouble is, her treatments are experimental and/or alternative, and her insurance won't cover them. So her fellow bloggers Bee and Jai at Jugalbandi have organized both a fundraiser and a photography contest in Bri's honor.

Just to show you how far out of the blogging loop I really am, I'd never heard of CLICK, a monthly food photography contest, before this. But June is designated as "CLICK Yellow for Bri" month, encouraging contestants to submit food-related photos featuring yellow, the color associated with the LiveStrong bracelets for cancer awareness.

Bee and Jai have also set up an account where people can donate to the fundraiser and receive "tickets" in return for the raffle prizes offered by other bloggers. I don't know how they are keeping this all straight... it took me a couple of days to sort out all the possibilities in my head and to figure out what I wanted to do.

If you are so moved, please visit the site they have set up for Bri, and contribute as you see fit. Every little bit will help.

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At 6/09/2008 5:15 PM, Anonymous bri said...

Thank you, sweet Jen, for your support. I see in your newer posts your a fabulously inundated with roses and summer produce. Yay!


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