Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Omelet My Produce Go

The only trouble with having a whirlwind of social activity skittering across the weekly calendar -- aside from the regular lack of sleep, that is -- is that when I walk out the front door, I leave behind several lonely vegetables.

It's sad, really. I get all excited about my weekly CSA pickup and market finds, and then, because I'm out having fun elsewhere, I ignore all those lovely vegetables. They droop under the lack of attention -- nay, they wilt. I suspect that any day now, the knock will come at the front door, and I'll be hauled off by Produce Services, charged with abuse and neglect.

There's only one solution, apparently: head into the kitchen and eat my veggies at every meal.

So at the crack of dawn this morning, I headed into the dimly lit kitchen (or was it me that was dim?) and pulled out ingredients to make an omelet, using that sweet and colorful but limp little bundle of Swiss chard, along with two jumbo eggs from the Original Organic Farmer.

First I sautéed a little garlic before adding the chopped chard and a splash of vinegar. As it cooked down, I whisked together the eggs and a bit of cream, then pulled out the rest of my (non-local) crumbled goat cheese and some chopped fresh dill. (Well, OK, it was looking limp and sad, too.)

Once I had the omelet cooking in the pan and almost ready to flip, I sprinkled the chard mixture over half of the eggs, then topped that with the crumbled goat cheese, a bit of dill, and a sprinkling of shredded rose petals. A few moments later, I flipped the other half of the eggs on top and slid it out of the pan onto a plate.

To finish, I scattered a few more rose petals and more dill on top. And at that point, I couldn't hold back any longer -- time to dig in!

Granted, it was a heftier breakfast than I usually eat, but it was so loaded with good food (almost all local) that I feel like I can truly take on the world now.

And that chard? It's all gone, sad no more.

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