Saturday, June 07, 2008

Market Report: 6/7/08

They're heeeeeeeere!

That's right: it's the first Saturday in June, and all the wonderful vendors at the farmers' market are back, bringing their delicious and beautiful produce, preserves, and baked goods. Let the party begin!

The Renaissance Man and I headed down to the market exceptionally early, needing to leave town for a meeting, but we had a chance to visit with some of my favorite farmers.

The Lady Bountiful and two of her sons had set up their booth with lots of herb pots and flowers along with more of her good lettuce and strawberries. While I didn't get anything from her today, I did talk briefly with her about this week's CSA pickup.

The Spelt Baker had a table of her own, and she had bundles of herbs, bags of lettuce and radishes, assorted plants, and -- of course! -- some of her spelt cookies and pasta. Since I haven't made time to make pasta lately, I scooped up some of that along with a bunch of tiny carrots as I enjoyed our conversation.

The Renaissance Man spotted small fresh strawberries at the Amish Farmer's stand, so he bought two quarts of those for our weekend adventure. (He's lucky I didn't tuck into them on the spot!)

The Cheerful Lady kept a broad smile on her face, despite discovering upon arrival that her canopy was broken, and we had a good chat as I looked over all her produce. From her, I bought a bunch of slender white and red onions, two bunches of asparagus, a bag of spinach, a couple of little rhubarb coffeecakes (for our breakfast), and cookies.

The Sheep Farmer had a decent assortment to start the season, but I limited myself to a small bundle of garlic scapes since I'm on the last bulb of garlic from last year's market.

The Bee Man was back with jars of beautiful golden honey, so I picked up two pints, knowing that I'm on the last pint from last year.

The Potato Lady informed me that this would be her only market visit here this year, though she let me know about the other markets she'll attend. She had garlic bulbs, so I snagged two of those, along with a small bundle of fresh dill.

The Madcap Farmer returned, too, and though his table was filled with tomato seedlings and more lettuce, he did have a sprout mixture that sounded good, so I bought that to go with all the salads I'll be eating soon.

I really did try to restrain myself, knowing how little time I'll have to cook this weekend. But can you blame me? Doesn't that all look so good???

And things will only get better as the market season progresses!

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At 6/11/2008 7:58 AM, Blogger kathyinozarks said...

How wonderful! I wish I had a market like that near me. I am exploring the amish about an hour away from me here in the ozarks of missouri, and have tracked down some sources for fresh fruit and veggies

At 6/11/2008 8:02 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Kathy, that's great that you're starting to find some local sources for your food. Every little bit helps!

Honestly, I wish every community could have a farmers' market like this. It's not huge, but it has good variety and such wonderful people! And what it does to build community spirit is amazing!

At 6/12/2008 11:51 AM, Blogger Mr.LinkBlogger said...

Thats wonderful Kathy Its nice to know that you have started right where you needed to be (lucky) good luck!
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