Saturday, June 21, 2008

Market Report: 6/21/08

I do love Saturdays in the summer.

As much as my body might prefer that I sleep in, when Saturday morning rolls around, my mind and spirit and stomach nudge me out of bed early in order to get ready for a trip to the farmers' market. Today I had extra incentive to get going so quickly as I had planned to head out of town early for a day on the lake.

The Renaissance Man and I arrived at the market well before opening, but fortunately for us, many of the farmers had already set up shop and were ready for us to browse. We chatted with them along the way, stopping to ooh and ahh over all the beautiful produce and even to buy some as well.

I had a smaller budget for this week's purchases (simply because I had not stopped at the ATM ahead of time), but I managed to buy many delicious things:

--carrots, spinach, and snow peas from the Spelt Baker
--lavender, mulberries, and fennel from the Herb Lady (back this year for the first time!)
--two quarts of shelling peas and a cucumber from the Cheerful Lady
--two quarts of sweet cherries from the local Orchard (actually, that was the Renaissance Man's purchase, after a little pleading on my part)
--butter pecan goat milk fudge from the Goat Lady

I am noticing a somewhat disturbing trend of finding more and more produce items available much earlier than usual, throwing off my usual pattern for preservation. For example, cherries don't usually show up before July around here, but a chat with the fellows from the Orchard indicating that this might be the only cherries we get for a while compelled me to buy them now in order to have enough to dry for winter. Looks like I may have to cram more preservation in each week just to make up for the vagaries of harvests!

So many other items tempted me, but with my wallet emptying rapidly and my schedule filling up equally quickly, I decided not to indulge.

Next week, though... look out!

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