Saturday, June 14, 2008

Market Report: 6/14/08

I had a scandalously late night last night due to dinner out with a new acquaintance and lingering in the bunker-like restaurant as strong thunderstorms rolled through town, so I slept in this morning.

I mean, I slept in. Like a normal person. Not just until 6 AM, which on my schedule is considered sleeping in. I mean, sleeping in like a big ol' bump on a log.

All of which is to say that I did not make it to the farmers' market at my usual early hour prior to the official opening of the market. In fact, I didn't get there until almost the halfway point.

My favorite farmers were all shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- but ever so relieved that I hadn't met with misfortune or, worse yet, grocery vegetables. And while I missed some good produce (the Spelt Baker's carrots all sold early), I still brought home some very tasty and beautiful items:

--from the Fiddlin' Farmer (well, from his son, as the Fiddlin' Farmer was well and truly fiddlin' around, playing folk music): two bundles of organic asparagus
--from the Cheerful Lady: two bags of spinach and a handful of cookies
--from the Amish Farmer: broccoli
--from the Lady Bountiful: a quart of her luscious strawberries
--from the Spelt Baker: another bag of spinach and a little sprig of dill (her gift!)

The folks who bring the maple syrup a few times each summer were also there, so I bought my first pint of local maple syrup for the year. What a treat!

I think about half of this week's produce will get preserved (probably dried) for winter use, but that will have to wait until next week. I'm off to the Farm for the weekend, with one bag of spinach in hand so that I can make spinach lasagna for dinner tonight. When I get back, I expect I'll be enjoying the broccoli and the asparagus in various pasta dishes or other treats. (Hmmm, might be time to make crepes again...)

And next week, you'd better believe I plan to get up earlier!

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