Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bread and Board

The more I travel through this wild journey called life, the more I realize that we are all engaged in an ever-shifting game of finding our balance. As with the dancing I've come to love so well in recent months, I'm learning that I constantly have to shift between one activity and another, resting a little while poising myself to launch into the next thing.

With as busy as my life has been of late –- and all for very good reasons, I might add –- it's been good this weekend to spend some quiet time at home, to rest and to indulge in what comforts me.

Yes, I've been in the kitchen again. (At last!)

And what could be more wholesomely comforting than making fresh homemade bread with local grains?

I decided to try the Honey-Oatmeal Bread from the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking book, using some of the last of last year's honey from the farmers' market, rolled oats and spelt from my last bags of those grains, and a small amount of an ever-dwindling container of local non-fat dry milk. (I really need to stock up again.)

Though the day is exceptionally warm, I have the ceiling fans going so that I can enjoy baking a loaf of fresh bread in preparation for my first CSA pickup later this week. (The Lady Bountiful has promised radishes, so I'm looking forward to radish sandwiches!)

I know I've written raptures to the deliciously yeasty and consoling smell of fresh home-baked bread before, but really, it bears repeating: Nothing tastes so homey and inviting as fresh bread from the oven.

What a great way to spend time at home!

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