Friday, May 16, 2008

Patch Work

In planning my gardening this year, you may remember, I had decided to put in an herb garden at the Inn.

Those plans have fallen by the wayside, as I simply haven't had the time to spend at the Inn all spring, save for turning the compost.

The Innkeeper, an understanding soul, didn't seem too put out when I said I thought I would have to divert my energies elsewhere, though I know she misses our times cooking together.

But what was I to do with all the extra herbs I had ordered from the Lady Bountiful? I gave one to My Wonderful Parents, and I still have yet to pot several for my own home, but that left me with more orphan herbs.

Thankfully, the Renaissance Man -- ever the gentleman, and ever so hungry for my cooking -- graciously offered me space in his back garden for some of those herbs. He cleared a large section of mint from one side of the bed, leaving plenty of mint behind, and when I stopped by this afternoon, he swept his hand toward it in invitation.

Well, I don't have to be asked twice. I ran inside and grabbed the potted herbs (which he had been herb-sitting) and started plopping them into the ground, interspersed with rows of herb seeds.

When I finished, I had sown yarrow and borage, anise hyssop and skullcap, and a row of Jaune du Doubs carrots, as well as planting basil, lavender, sage, and cilantro. It seemed logical to plant those items, since some will be used in cooking (and I expect I'll be cooking a fair amount there this summer) and others will be dried for herbal tisanes (something we both enjoy often).

It's not a large space, compared to that patch of mint, but it's more than enough to start a few more herbs for us both to share.

And, like a patchwork quilt pieced together with leftover scraps from here and there, it's a cozy little example of our shared work.

I'm sure those herbs will be snuggling up to each other in no time!

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