Saturday, March 01, 2008

Things Have Been Berry Quiet in My Kitchen

Some of you might be wondering, what happened? Where have you been, Baklava Queen?

Sorry 'bout that. Life has definitely picked up around here, and when I'm home and have some time to cook, I've been falling back on the old familiar favorites that you've seen so many times before... and they just haven't been worth blogging about.

It will be a while before I'm back up to full speed with baking and whatnot, as the social calendar is still fairly full these days (and yes, that is a very good thing!), but at least I made the time this weekend to make a quick bread to have handy for breakfasts.

I had been toying with the idea of making my lavender blueberry streusel muffins this weekend, but my mind kept straying to the big bag of frozen blackberries given to me by a satisfied friend at my recent Moroccan meal.

I thumbed through my baking notebook and decided on a recipe for a walnut-strawberry quick bread that could easily be adapted to the flavor combination I had in mind. I made the obvious berry substitution, but the walnuts I dropped in favor of mini diced crystallized ginger, a wonderful bright flavor that put a shine on the deep rich tang of the blackberries. And with a touch of homemade lemon basil syrup to replace half of the sugar in the original recipe, the bread ended up with the right balance between smooth and sassy.

That's some seriously good bread, friends... moist and tender and full of good fresh flavor. That and a cup of tea will start my next few mornings on the right foot, that's for sure.

In the meantime, I've got another full week ahead, so it will be quiet again around here. Don't worry, I'll be back with more cooking adventures one of these days, not to mention possible garden plans as inspired by Ed at The Slow Cook.

Some berry big plans...!


At 3/06/2008 12:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Blackberry quick bread sits well on top that small dish - great color combination in presentation, Jenn!


At 3/06/2008 6:48 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Thanks, Stephen... one of the reasons why I bought that plate a couple years ago! (The bread tasted as good as it looked, too.)


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