Friday, March 28, 2008

First Seeds

Spring is officially here, and I can't wait any longer.

I planted the first seeds this afternoon, sowing a row of fava beans, a row of Jaune du Doubs yellow carrots, and half a row of lettuce along the deck at the home of the Absent-Minded Professor and the Southern Belle.

I know, I know... it's still early, and we still have a good chance for more frost. But reliable sources inform me that favas can tolerate the cold weather and should be planted early. As for the other vegetables... well, I have plenty of seeds, and it's worth sowing a few in a sheltered spot to see if I can start things a little early this year.

The Absent-Minded Professor hopes to lay out the main garden bed this weekend, so keep your fingers crossed. I'd like to get that almost entirely planted (save for tomatoes, potted herbs, and fall greens) by the end of April.

Seed you later!



At 4/02/2008 3:08 PM, Blogger Kelly said...


I'm so happy I got some in before the rain, and today the sun is shining, warming the soil... soon...very soon.


At 4/02/2008 3:21 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

Amen to that, Kelly! Now to get the big garden bed prepared and laid out... my friend is laying the foundation (it's on a slight slope, so it needs shoring up) and the soil, and I'm working on getting the compost brought in. Fun times... can't wait to play in the dirt again!


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