Friday, January 18, 2008

The Politics of Peas

I don't like to get into partisan politics here when it's so much more inspiring to talk about food. And frankly, I'm already sick of the presidential race that still has another... ten... months to go. (Hmmm, where's the nearest cave...?)

But political satire? I'm all over that. And when it has a pro-vegetarian take, spot-on spoofs of the candidates, and an enthusiastic peanut gallery, I say bring it on.

So go visit The Ethicurean and check out the latest online video from PETA. I promise you meat-loving folks, it's a gentler message than you're used to from the PETA crowd, and you'll laugh just as much as those of us who are vegetarians.

I'm torn between Broccoli Obama and Dennis Kuspinach... they're both so... green!


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