Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pizza on Earth

After wrapping up my kitchen experiments for my latest Ethicurean article and churning out another little bit of holiday baking, I could turn my attention today to feeding myself for the week.

And yes, after nearly a week of looking at my Christmas present perched on the countertop, I finally used it.

I started off the day by making my cinnamon nut crumble muffins, whipping up the batter in no time flat in my new mixer. Of course, I misread the recipe and stuffed all the batter into 12 muffin tins instead of 18, so they overflowed a little and turned out entirely un-photogenic. That's OK, though... they still tasted great.

By late afternoon, I was ready to tackle a yeast dough in the mixer and decided to make pizza crust.

I started mixing the dough with the flat beater, but by the time I had added all the flour, I switched over to the dough hook in order to give it a quick knead.

Once I had stretched out the dough on the oiled baking stone, I topped it with half a pint of my homemade pizza sauce, one thawed package of frozen broccoli, and some shredded mozzarella... all local. (Already, all that hard work late this summer is coming in handy!)

While the pizza baked and cooled, I enjoyed a quiet hour, winding down from all the activity of the weekend and gradually getting more and more hungry.

Finally, I could cut the pizza into eighths and eat a couple slices without fear of burning the roof of my mouth. How good it tasted! The pizza sauce tasted different from the sauce I used to buy at the grocery store, but how satisfying it was to know where I found all the vegetables contained in it.

Since broccoli pizza is one of my comfort meals, especially in the cold months, I'm glad to know that a little advance work is going to make it so much easier to enjoy fresh homemade pizza this winter.

Yes, that will definitely contribute to my peace of mind... or is that pizza mind???



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