Saturday, November 17, 2007

Here Comes the Sunshine

I'm still just picking away at the early stages of holiday baking this weekend, but since I saved an orange from a meeting late last week, I thought I'd go ahead and make the first batch of sunshine cookies.

This year, I have every intention of using more local ingredients in these cookies, though I can't replace everything yet. I pulled out whole wheat flour, butter, egg, and maple sugar, along with that freegan orange and other ingredients, and right after lunch, I started mixing up ingredients.

I won't bore you with the details: since I've made these cookies for two years already, I think I've covered them pretty well. But suffice it to say that as I worked, I thought about all the friends who have begged for these cookies ever since I came up with the recipe.

In the midst of my rolling, cutting, and baking, the locksmith stopped by to re-key the locks in the building to a master key, and he commented favorably on the aroma in the apartment, amazed that I would be starting my holiday baking so early.

Since he had to huff up and down two steep flights of stairs a couple of times to work on my lock -- with braces on both legs, he said -- I thought that surely I could share a couple of cookies with him.

And as I've found with previous batches of sunshine cookies, just offering one of these orange and ginger-laden morsels brings the sunshine out for everyone. He beamed, thanked me, and trudged back down the stairs, his day brightened... and mine, too!

To those friends who are expecting some of these treats in their holiday boxes, let me reassure you that you will still get your fair share.

The sunshine is here to stay!


At 11/21/2007 6:37 PM, Blogger Tina said...

Mmmmmm... looking forward to those babies!:-) All of your cookies are great, but those are my favorites.

At 11/23/2007 3:18 PM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

They're the favorite of a few other people, too, so I'm sure I'll be baking another batch soon.

And aren't you glad I've already got a little box set aside for you??? :-)

At 11/23/2007 10:51 PM, Blogger Phoenix said...

I love sunshine cookies!!!11!!!1

At 11/26/2007 7:44 AM, Blogger The Baklava Queen said...

And they love you, too!!!111!1 ;-)


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