Sunday, October 07, 2007

An Apple Pie a Day

The Chef Mother is coming home tomorrow after yet another lengthy hospital stay, and let me tell you, there is much rejoicing.

Early in her post-operative recovery, when she was dragging a bit, I tried to motivate her by talking about what we'd do when she got out: local field trips, Thanksgiving dinner with friends, and enjoying some homemade apple pie.

Since I got the word on Friday about her release date, I made sure I found apples for baking at the farmers' market on Saturday, and I really got lucky. The older gentleman who comes to the market only in apple season had lots of Northern Spy apples (a variety my mother remembers fondly), and he willingly put half a dozen or so in a bag for me and charged me a very reasonable amount.

This afternoon, I made some time to pull together two whole wheat pie crusts, and after a brief interlude, I returned to the kitchen to peel and slice a few apples, toss them with a spiced sugar and flour mixture, and fill one pie crust.

I rolled out the second lump of pie crust dough and covered the pan before setting the pie in the oven to bake for about 45 minutes.

In trimming those crusts, though, I ended up with enough dough for another crust, albeit a smaller one. So I pulled out a small pottery dish, lined it with the rest of the dough, and made more apple pie filling to add to it. This pie, though, I topped with crumbs from flour, local maple sugar, local oats, spices, and local butter.

There are still a few Northern Spy apples left -- not to mention the last of the Freedom apples and half a dozen mixed varieties from last week's trip to the orchard -- so once I pick up more flour and sugar, I may well make another pie (or two) for friends.

Because if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, just think what a pie can do!


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