Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fair Market Value

At first glance this morning, I might have thought I'd flipped over one too many calendar pages. The clouds loomed grey and forbidding over a parking lot only half full of tables and farm produce, and it almost looked like the end of the farmers' market season.

Don't worry, though -- the decreased numbers are temporary, as many farm families are spending this weekend (and the better part of the coming week) at the county fair, showing their animals and 4-H projects and participating in the usual fair events.

Since I had lighter pockets this week and a determination not to spend wildly, I didn't mind too much. I found everything on my list, including a few other gems, and I returned home with lighter bags and a happier back.

Among this week's finds:

--spearmint and black walnuts from the Cheerful Lady;
--lettuce from the Potato Lady;
--eggplant (2 kinds), cilantro, onions, and a butternut squash from the Gentleman Farmer's Wife;
--more Fredonia grapes and a half-gallon of apple cider from the local orchard; and
--pearsand paste tomatoes from the New Organic Farmer.

That's plenty for this week, since I also have two melons from last weekend's getaway, and I have serious plans for experimenting with those.

I returned home to start work right away on another batch of grape juice, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of other projects to report as the weekend goes on.

But that's a fair start, don't you think?


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