Monday, September 17, 2007

A Cider of Relief

I was afraid it might happen. After stocking up on more goodies at the market Saturday, I didn't have enough time or energy over the weekend to take care of it all.

This evening, though, I made the effort to check a couple of small projects off my list: making more spaghetti sauce and simmering cider to freeze.

Here's another "duh!" moment for me this year. It makes sense that, like other juices, you can freeze cider, but I never actually thought of doing it before.

Cider season runs for a few months around here, and I can usually still find good local cider around Thanksgiving and almost to Christmas. Later in the winter, though, I don't even try to
find it, and so a whole slew of recipes ends up being tucked away for another year. (There may be cider available at the grocery store, but it's definitely not from the local orchard.)

Not this year, though! I'll be able to use local cider in coffeecake or bread or just in my juice glass come January or February. And how easy it was! All I had to do to prepare the cider for freezing was to heat it to a gentle simmer before pouring it into jars. After refrigerating the jars for 24 hours or so, they're ready for the freezer.

So there you have it: two quarts of delicious local cider, pushed to the back of the freezer so I won't even see them until after the New Year.

And when I find them again, what a sweet relief that will be!



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