Sunday, August 12, 2007

Seeing Red

There are tomatoes everywhere at home.

All right, that's a bit of a stretch. So far they remain confined to the bowl and platter you see above and have very kindly refrained from rolling off their respective piles onto the floor with a resounding splat.

The dish of cherry tomatoes has even dwindled after I dried another batch in the oven last night, making another pint or so of intensely-flavored morsels now bathed in olive oil.

But let's face it, the remaining tomatoes (easily six quarts' worth) are still sitting there, waiting for me to make up my mind as to what else I'm going to make. And today, I just can't find it in me to do much of anything with them.

Never fear, though. Those tomatoes inspire me nonetheless, and I'm tickled as pink as those lovely little pink Thai egg tomatoes shown in the right-hand pile above to tell you my good news: I'm starting my stint as a guest writer for the Ethicurean with an article about canning tomatoes and why I put myself through this grueling effort every summer.

I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with a group of bloggers I've come to admire over the past year or more as I've followed their pithy and punny takes on food politics and SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, and ethical) food, and I'm hoping that this writing venture will encourage me to explore some new avenues in my own foodshed. (There are some upcoming events around the area that I hope will inspire new posts.)

When I started this blogging journey nearly three years ago, I just wanted to cook and show off a little bit. Now, 600 posts later (this morning's grape juice rhapsody hit the magic number), I have learned so much more about cooking, food production, food politics, and the importance of all these things in my life. My writing has, I hope, improved a good deal, and I've recently found a part-time "job" that satisfies my desire to cook for others and to continue improving my skills. And I've found some wonderful, generous, like-minded and food-fascinated new friends.

So many thanks to all of you who have supported me along the way with your comments, your taste-testing, your ideas, and your enthusiasm. I'm looking forward to this new writing adventure, and I promise to keep my Dear Readers entertained with my usual posts here as well as with the links to my other pieces.

In the meantime, it's back to dealing with the DTs (Darn Tomatoes)!



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