Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Peaching to the Choir

As August draws to a close, the air shifts subtly, allowing cool breezes to slip in between torrid, humid days. Schools fling open their doors once more, and students of all ages pick up their books and return to the confines of the classroom.

Late August also heralds a slight change in my workflow, both at the office and at home, and this year I welcome it with open arms. After everything that has happened this summer, good and bad, and all the activity that has filled my life, I'm ready for a new routine.

Now, as I've largely finished putting up tomatoes for the season (I think), I'm keeping my eyes open for fall produce, knowing that I'll have less work to do and less need for the canner. What a relief!

But since it is, in fact, still summer for a while longer, the abundance of August's harvest still beckons. With any luck, I'll head out this weekend with My Dear Papa for a last summer getaway to find fresh peaches up along Lake Erie. And while I don't expect to bring any home to can, I'm more than ready for the traditional end-of-summer adventure.

I've spun a tale about that tradition, along with a couple of my recent peach-based experiments, in my latest post at The Ethicurean. Faithful Dear Readers will not find my jam variation surprising, given my well-publicized love of lavender, but I hope you will find the new salsa recipe intriguing.

All in all, it's another story of the local foods in my life and how much I enjoy cooking with them, preserving them, and eating them.

But then, that's something you know all about, too.



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