Saturday, August 11, 2007

Deciding to Biscuit All

For my weekend, I had originally planned to show up both mornings at the Inn to cook breakfast for the guests, and on Sunday, I would be cooking solo for the remaining pair of visitors.

I had the whole thing planned: more fresh fruit from the stash the Innkeeper left for me, fresh homemade whole wheat biscuits, and a cheese grits soufflé with local basil, zucchini, and Monterey Jack cheese.

Alas, after breakfast this morning, said guests mentioned that they would be leaving by 4 AM, which meant I wouldn't be cooking after all.

Ah well! But while I can wait another week or so before presenting this menu to guests, I decided this evening that I really couldn't wait for some fresh biscuits. And not only did I want biscuits for breakfast, I wanted to use those biscuits for dinner.

See, I also had a craving for a pesto pizza, but honestly, I was too tired to make a big pizza. With the biscuits, though, I could just split a couple of biscuits, smear them with homemade pesto, top them with slices of fresh local tomato, and sprinkle a little local mozzarella on top before sliding them into the oven again.

So what would I call something like this? It isn't a pizza as we normally know it, though it does slide by under Wikipedia's definition, and it's not really a crostini. I suppose this is one of those cases where the name doesn't really matter, because the result tastes so good. And since I didn't use all the biscuits to make "pizza," I'll still enjoy other good flavors as I had planned.

After preparing a few pints of cherry tomatoes for oven drying overnight, I'm spent. So I'm glad I decided to do the extra work tonight in order to make breakfast a whole lot easier tomorrow.


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