Friday, July 06, 2007

I've Got That Linking Feeling...

After spending time in the kitchen earlier this week, I've been riding on leftovers and easy fixes the past day or so. (I have to clean out the produce from last week's farmers' market to make room for this week's!)

In the meantime, I've been coming across some interesting tidbits on some of my favorite web site, so I'll send you into the weekend with a little selection of online amuses-bouches:

--First, for those of you who may still be new to eating locally and would like a little help getting started, you may want to check out One Local Summer, organized by Liz at Pocket Farm. The goal is to enjoy one as-local-as-possible meal a week during the summer, just to get you into the habit and to show you how easy it can be. I haven't joined the challenge officially, but I'll say that my dinner on the 4th was a lovely curry of all local vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, kale, lamb's quarters, onions, and garlic).

--Don't forget, too, that if you're interested in a bigger test of your local food resources, September is the month for this year's Eat Local Challenge. You've still got time to sign up and get ready!

--Though the summer has been off to a warm start here in Ohio, and we've been grateful for the rain when it comes, we're sitting pretty compared to some areas of the U.S., particularly the drought-ridden Southeast. An article in the New York Times this week points out the seriousness of the situation and its effect on farmers. It'll make you want to run right out and support your own local farmers at the farmers' market. (Hat tip to the Ethicurean for the link.)

--An interesting online video about food miles has raised an equally interesting debate on Gristmill about reducing ALL our miles. Food for thought!

--It's not all about the food miles, of course, and Zoe Bradley pens an article for Edible Portland that points out how confusing it can get to shop for the most sustainable food wherever you go.

--I've seen a couple of posts on other blogs recently about eating locally, the cooking required to do so economically, feminism, and how those things all fit together. There's a lot to think about there, so I'll have to spend some time this weekend digesting the information and writing a more thoughtful response. (I'm also behind on book reviews: I finished the Kingsolver book early last week and have since read Bill McKibben's Deep Economy, so my work is definitely cut out for me. Stay tuned!)

--And a blushing thanks to the Ethicurean for linking to my recent post on local black raspberry ice cream and celebrating freedom. Thank you, Dairy Queen and the rest of the Ethicurean crew! I'm as pink as the ice cream...


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