Monday, July 16, 2007

Eggsactly How I Like To Be Quiched

Ever since I bought a dozen farm-fresh, organic, free-range, whopping BIG eggs at the farmers' market a week ago, I've been looking for ways to enjoy them. And that's not easy, since it's been too hot to bake much lately, and I don't often eat eggs straight up.

But when you've got them, practically straight from the hens (the bloom was still on), you have to give those eggs the proper respect, love, and honor.

Happily, today I had a very good reason to use a few eggs. Late last week, the lovely Phoenix, dear friend that she is, dropped me an email to say that she and Mr. Nice Guy would be in town today and would I have time to meet with them?

Well, yes! And lucky for them, I had already planned a vacation day, so I had time to make lunch.

Over the weekend, I pondered my options, based on the produce I had picked up at the market. I almost decided on a big vegetable curry, but when I remembered the eggs, I remembered Phoenix's fondness for and our past experiment with a market-vegetable quiche.

Once the cherry jam was done and I had a clear counter again, I started by making the quiche crust with local spelt flour, whole wheat pastry flour, one of those beautiful eggs, and a sprinkling of local parsley (dried). Unlike the last time, this dough held together reasonably well, though it felt a little too tender, and I managed to make a respectably ruffled crust:

I set it in the fridge and started to work on the filling, a saute of fresh broccoli (steamed), zucchini (shredded), spinach, watercress, onion, garlic, basil (dried), and mint (dried)... all of which were local.

When I was ready to assemble the quiche, I spread the vegetables in the bottom of the crust before whisking together the custard.

(And if you have any doubts about the superiority of fresh, organic, free-range eggs, this should persuade you. That yolk was easily 1 1/2 times the size of most yolks I've seen, and the color was a vivid orange. Wow! I'm a believer!)

With two local eggs, some local milk, a smidgen of flour and salt, and some shredded Prima Donna cheese (not local, but it is one of our favorites) whisked together, I was ready to finish putting together the quiche, and I slid it into the oven just before my friends rang the doorbell.

Less than an hour later, we enjoyed a piping-hot, vegetable-packed, bright yellow and green masterpiece of country fresh foods:

Honest, it really did turn out that yellow just from the eggs! And the flavor? Let's just say I had two very happy friends, and I will have a couple of very happy lunches at work this week with the leftovers.

And that's eggsactly the way I like it.


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