Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Dill Is Gone

After spending nearly the entire morning at the farmers' market, you might think I would want a bit of a break from all that produce.


Give me a free summer afternoon, and here's what I might end up doing:

Five pints of small cucumbers, a couple bulbs of garlic, a big bunch of dill, and a handful of dried chile peppers from My Wonderful Parents' sojourn in the Southwest a couple of years ago... along with a couple of other ingredients... add up to eight and a half pints of hot dill pickles.

Not bad for an hour's work (or so) over a steaming canner.

Maybe I should make a list as to who all gets pickles this year before I repeat this scenario too often. Because frankly, I need to get more canning jars. Already.

And I haven't even made it to the raspberry jam yet.

Still, not bad, eh? And my family is already getting excited about getting their fair share.

The dill might be almost gone for me, but not for them!


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