Friday, March 02, 2007

A Short(cake) Vacation

If you've been wondering why it's been so quiet around here lately, it's because my attention was directed toward preparing for vacation... and then getting away. After all the cold, blustery winter weather we've had lately, it turned out to be a great relief to pack my bags and fly south.

A visit to my Wonderful Parents seemed long overdue, and since the Chef Mother has recovered enough from her recent illness to welcome visitors, I rearranged my plans and headed down for the better part of a week. Though I had hoped to spend some time cooking and freezing meals for the two of them, I ended up taking it just as easy as the Chef Mother, with occasional doses of sunshine and sand.

That's not to say that I didn't spend any time in the kitchen. I helped my Dear Papa whip up eggplant parmigiana when other family members came to visit, and while he sliced strawberries, I made the biscuits for strawberry shortcake.

And yes, those berries were local, since at this time of the year the strawberries you find in the grocery store tend to come from Plant City, Florida... not far from where my parents live. (Granted, they're not organic, but I'll take what I can get.)

Of course, vacation, like strawberry shortcake, disappears all too quickly. After a few days of 70-plus temperatures and glorious sunshine, I returned to the chilly grey skies of home and to work. I'm not entirely enthusiastic about dressing in sweaters, jeans, boots, and a heavy coat again after five days of shorts, light shirts, and bare feet, but such is life.

And I promise, you'll hear more about good cooking soon.


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