Monday, January 22, 2007

The Galette-ing Gourmet

The snow that has for so long been absent has finally decided to hang out a little longer in our fair town. We haven’t had huge amounts, just the occasional heavy dusting, but it’s to the point where I definitely need to wear my new “tracks” (coils that stretch over my boot soles) for the walk to work because the snow that melts one day is frozen underneath new snow the next morning.

After that sometimes strenuous hike to work, a full workday, and the hike (I’m resisting the temptation to slide downhill) home, I want something warm and comforting to fill and soothe my stomach.

Knowing that I still had a bag of parsnips – one of the last purchases from the farmers’ market this past year – in the fridge, I picked up some fresh spinach at the grocery store over the weekend in the hopes of finally getting around to making a tasty parsnip galette with greens once again.

You may remember me raving about this simple dish last year, a not-quite variation on potato or vegetable pancakes or latkes. It’s chock full of shredded parsnips and shredded or chopped greens, bound together with toasted walnuts, Parmesan cheese, sage, egg, and flour, and then cooked on a hot skillet until well browned on both sides.

How can I resist? Sweet and savory flavors, plus the satisfaction of using local ingredients (parsnips, sage, egg, flour, butter), combine to make this one of my favorite quick winter comfort foods.

You really don’t need anything else for dinner but this… unless, of course, you want to share!


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