Sunday, November 12, 2006

Putting It All Together

The last couple of hours before a party are always the busiest: not only do I have to set the table for guests, but it's time to assemble the last items for the party buffet, timing everything properly so that my guests enjoy the food at its peak.

The last few items on my list for today included making a pan of spanokopita, loaded with spinach and feta cheese goodness, and then cutting it into small squares that would fit the "finger food" theme I had set for myself.

After that, I assembled bruschette, starting with the savory apple topped with cheddar. While those baked, I spread the remaining pumpernickel slices with Asiago-artichoke spread and topped them with a sprig of fresh basil and an oven-dried tomato.

Finally, I pulled out the empty polenta cups I had made last weekend...

...and filled them with the sautéed shredded squash (similar to the filling used in somsas) I had made yesterday. I popped those into the oven (along with the samosas) to reheat for about 12 minutes, and then I added a little garlic-shallot jam on top for a tangy contrast.

In between all those trays going in and out of the oven, I laid out the buffet table, made a batch of guacamole, and mulled a pot of cider.

Are you ready yet? I am!


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