Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bake and Break

Since I'm home for the long holiday weekend, I've begun preparing for Christmas. My little Charlie Brownesque tree is now decked out in shiny ornaments, the Christmas music fills my loft day and night, and I've got the oven revved up for a burst of baking.

I started the day with a batch of date-nut cookies, a special request from a friend. A simple recipe, not unlike a basic chocolate chip cookie, this new treat turned out to have a satisfying texture, though a slightly bland flavor –- good, but worthy of another effort later on.

After lunch, I made another batch of ginger-molasses cookies. I think these get better and easier each time I make them!

But for a day filled with holiday delights, there's one thing you might not expect: the weather is astoundingly glorious for late November! The sun has been shining all day, and the temperatures are easily into the 60s.

What, then, was I supposed to do but to take a break from my baking, head down to street level, and visit the Hungarian pastry shop for a slice or two of nut roll and a cup of rose hip tea? And can I help it if the sidewalk tables and chairs beckoned so invitingly?

How strange it seems to enjoy an afternoon tea break outside, comfortable in the pale sunlight (without a jacket), a mere two days after Thanksgiving. This is northern Ohio, after all, and Thanksgiving often heralds our first real snow of the season. But I'm not complaining! The cold weather will return soon enough, and I'm sure the snow will come soon to decorate the strands of lights strung around the town square.

And I'll warm my home with yet more baking. Stay tuned!


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