Monday, October 23, 2006

Taken for Gratin

It's the whole premise behind lucky shirts, lucky baseball bats, and other such talismans: if something works for you once, you tend to stick with it for future success.

I don't really have any such items that I consider "lucky" for me (though I confess to using only one particular type of pen when I work on my writing), but I'm a firm believer in the principle when it comes to the kitchen.

When I realized that I got fluffier pancakes by using a whisk to mix the batter, I never went back to a wooden spoon. Certain recipes require certain ingredients to satisfy my tastes, and if I can't find those ingredients, I won't make the dish.

And when a technique works for me, I stick with it.

That's why after making last night's pumpkin gratin, I was ready tonight to tackle one of my longtime favorites: gratin dauphinois.

I've told you about this wonderful French potato dish before, and there's really very little I can add... except for the visuals.

Sorry I can't include the aroma in this medium. But then, I wouldn't want you drooling on your keyboards.

Here's my entirely unscientific theorem: If potatoes = comfort food, then gratin dauphinois = bliss. How can you go wrong with lush quantities of potatoes, garlic, butter, cream, and good cheese? Even the leftovers make a person swoon with culinary delight.

A lucky recipe? Perhaps. All I know is, it works for me.


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