Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sweet Rewards

For a couple of weeks now, I've found that the perfect way to cap a visit to the farmers' market is to stop at the Hungarian pastry shop to warm up with a coffee and a sweet little something.

This morning I stopped by and unloaded my bag and basket at a small table, and as I stood at the counter, admiring all the tasty treats and pondering my selection, the dear lady who owns the place saw me and greeted me with surprise and delight. "My, you are very fresh and early today!" she declared in her exquisite, slightly exotic way.

Naturally, I told her about my finds at the market, and she became even more animated, saying that she would have to get out there to pick up more produce. It was then that she said the magic words: "I've been getting the vegetables for soups there. They taste so much fresher, you know?"

Ah yes, well I know, Dear Pastry Lady! And you have no idea (well, maybe you do now!) how happy it makes me to hear that you are using more local produce in the food you serve to customers!

For that news alone, I was tempted to buy an entire walnut torte to thank her, but I settled for coffee and a walnut croissant (or beigli) that I took up to my loft to savor in the comfort of my new home.

But fear not, Pastry Lady. I'll be back for those luscious soups (and more pastries, of course!) very soon.

After all, I have to show my appreciation somehow, right?


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