Thursday, October 12, 2006

S'chee, What a Souper Meal!

The balmy temperatures of earlier this week plummeted quickly last night, giving me a brisk walk to work this morning. And as I looked out my office window this afternoon, I found myself dumbfounded by the appearance of a light flurry of drifting snowflakes.

How is this possible? It's not even the middle of October yet! How did we go from late summer to early winter with barely a passing wave at autumn?

By the time I made it home from work with my hands full of groceries and a cold nose, I was heartily glad that I had planned to make a small pot of soup this evening with produce from last week's farmers' market: to wit, s'chee.

Last fall I discovered the joys of a simple cabbage soup on a chilly day, and when I found a small head of cabbage at the market last week, I knew I'd better buy it and be prepared for the cold weather. Somehow, I just knew I'd need a comforting dish of fresh vegetables and warming broth very soon.

One of the happier characteristics of this Russian soup is that it can be made very quickly with a relatively short amount of prep time and a long simmer while you clean up. And let's not forget leftovers: I ended up with approximately two quarts of soup, which will keep me going well through the weekend.

A hearty bread and a glass of red wine (or a stout ale) would have been perfect with the s'chee, but I settled for a few crackers and a glass of cider, with a dollop of nonfat yogurt on top of my soup bowl.

I'm not quite ready to give up the last remnants of summer and to turn my face into the chilly winter wind. But I am ready for good homemade soups and stews to keep me warm as the temperatures drop.

S'chee... why not?


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