Saturday, October 07, 2006

Harvested Interests

Welcome to October, when the colorful maple leaves gleam in the morning light and your breath hovers in the air for an extra moment before dissipating in the chill. And welcome to the last month of our local farmers' market!

Everyone was bundled up against the cool breezes, though they all remarked on how much they preferred the chill to last week's rain! And though the early cold snap may mean the end of a few crops, the autumn produce is still abundant.

The grist mill folks were back, to my surprise, so I bought another bag of buckwheat pancake mix for my Dear Papa (his birthday is next month and I am, after all, a Good Daughter).

The Cheerful Lady had her usual selection of produce, and I stocked up on yet more potatoes (both Kennebec and Austrian fingerling) and more garlic (I can never have enough).

The Amish folks had more fresh broccoli... how could I resist my favorite vegetable?

The Orchardist had more Wolf River apples, and since those made such a lovely apple tart a couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd try baking with them again.

The Gentleman Farmer's stand was full yet again with a wide variety of vegetables, so I splurged: two small pumpkins, three bell peppers, more tomatoes, four more red onions, and a small basket of Hungarian wax peppers.

And since I knew I wouldn't have time to bake this weekend, I picked up a loaf of rye bread from the bakery stand, as well as a pumpkin cookie and a ginger snap sandwich cookie from a Mennonite lady.

Yes, I know I love to buy a lot of good, fresh food.

But it's in the farmers' best interests as well as my own!


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