Saturday, September 02, 2006

Rain or Shine

The crazy weather we've had this year has taken another unusual turn (thanks to the remains of Tropical Storm Ernesto), bringing us cool, damp weather better suited to November than to the Labor Day weekend.

But that's OK. Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night... well, maybe not that... will keep the farmers' market from coming to town with tables full of good local produce. And though a few farmers weren't around right at 8 AM and the crowd looked fairly thin, it was (as always) worth my while to visit the market for my weekly produce.

I revisited the Tomato Farmer first thing to get more edamame... this week, splurging on the equivalent of 2 gallons of the fresh green pods. Yes, I'm planning on freezing on more, and though I think he was surprised by the quantity, he was more than happy to fill up my bag. I also bought another quart of Roma tomatoes for making more salsa (with a little more heat this week, I hope).

Both the lady from the grist mill and the Gentleman Farmer asked how I would cook the edamame and how I used it, so I was very happy to stop and talk with them about the taste (somewhere between a tender young bean and a pea, in my book) and how I cook them (I like to use them in place of peas in almost anything, especially curries). This is part of the joy I find in the farmers' market: not only do I learn a lot from all of them, but they're willing to learn from me, too, in order to try something themselves or pass the information on to other customers.

The Gentleman Farmer had more Fairy Tale eggplant, so I decided to buy four quarts so that I can roast, puree, and freeze most of them. Two small zucchini also called my name for quick sautés, and since they're probably among the last of the season, I'll enjoy a tasty farewell!

The Cheerful Lady and Handyman Joe had a wide variety of produce, though I opted only to buy more shallots and garlic, along with a small butternut squash. Still, it was good to visit with them, though I did get progressively more damp and bedraggled as I stood there.

Finally, I also picked up some peanut butter goat milk fudge (wonderful stuff, and I have a great idea for it... stay tuned!) and a loaf of focaccia before during into My Favorite Coffee House for a mocha to warm myself before the wet and soggy trek home.

Nothing stops me from visiting the farmers' market... nothing!


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