Thursday, August 31, 2006

Farm Team

It's been a slow cooking week, I know. After the frenzy of the weekend, it took me two days to get around to the rest of the tomatoes and the eggplant, and I haven't done much since.

So until I get back in gear in the kitchen, you might want to catch up on some reading. Tom Philpott, from Maverick Farms and blogger at Grist, has a new series on Grist called "Victual Reality." Here are the first three articles:

August 16: Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood: Why "the market" alone can't save local agriculture

August 23: Up Against the Wal-Mart: Big buyers make organic farmers feel smaller than ever

August 30: Cold Comfort Farm: Could small farms provide fresh food year-round, even in northern climes?

The last article came in particularly handy last evening as I talked with the Absent-Minded Professor over a family dinner about our local farmers' market and how I hoped the Cheerful Lady would be extending her season again this year. Wouldn't it be great if all these growers could be supported enough to have a year-round farmers' market here in our town?

Guess it's time to talk to the farmers again and find out what they think!

And thanks, Tom, for continuing to articulate a strong case for local farms!


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