Saturday, July 22, 2006

Market Shares

My eager anticipation for this week's trek to the farmers' market was exceeded only by the delight I had in knowing that I would be accompanied by the fair Titania.

After all, many's the time we've gone shopping at other markets and stopped in our tracks to fall into raptures over various fruits and vegetables and other delicacies. So why should today be any different?

Though the rain kept many people away, nothing could stop us from visiting each booth and indulging in plenty of good fresh produce. It's a good thing we each took a backpack, because we stocked up:

--whole wheat flour, oats, and cornmeal for Titania and buckwheat pancake mix for me (for my Dear Papa, really) from the grist mill
--a bright yellow summer squash, a quart of green tomatoes, and three bell peppers from the Gentleman Farmer's son
--grape tomatoes from the Tomato Farmer
--two kinds of goat milk fudge from the Goatherd
--big bags of onions and garlic from the Original Organic Farmer
--whole wheat pita from the Pita Princess
--basil, parsley, fingerling potatoes, carrots, and green beans from the Cheerful Lady
--Japanese eggplant, a warty cucumber, curly kale, and cabbage from the Fiddlin'b Farmer

Some of this will get preserved for winter, but my guess is that most will get eaten in the next couple of days. We made a good start at lunch by having an all-local meal.

Since Titania had never sampled fried green tomatoes before, I felt it was my duty to introduce her to these cornmeal-coated savory treats. We added fresh cucumber slices to our plates for a nice contrast.

And for dessert, well, we simply had to sample both flavors of goat milk fudge: vanilla walnut and peanut butter. Both won high marks, and no, we didn't eat it all at once!

There's only one thing better than good food from the farmers' market:

Sharing it with a like-minded friend.


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