Sunday, June 18, 2006

Up the Creek Without a Bottle

Nearly two months ago, the lovely Phoenix, Mr. Nice Guy, and I spent a day wandering around the area, hiking in our nearby national park and enjoying a satisfying Indian lunch.

On our way home, we saw a sign for The Winery at Wolf Creek and decided we needed to investigate. After all, we may not be wine connoisseurs, but we do enjoy a good drink now and then, and both Phoenix and I are constantly looking for local sources of good food and drink.

The winery, located on the western edge of Akron, overlooks lovely Wolf Creek, its vineyards on a sloping hill down to the water. We entered the tasting room, a lodge-style building with large windows overlooking this view, and picked up a list of their wines.

Phoenix and I both enjoyed small tastes of four or five wines each, just enough to make us glow but not enough to make us tipsy, and we agreed on a few favorites, including the luscious wine made from blueberries.

I knew I had no pressing need for a stocked wine cellar at home, but I did indulge in two varieties that particularly pleased my taste buds: Redemption, a slightly sweet red, and Rhapsody, a light and fruity white.

I don't drink wine regularly, so I stashed the bottles in the cupboard and waited for the perfect opportunity to showcase them. And tonight, with a dinner featuring many marvels from the farmers' market, I knew I needed to pull out the white wine.

Not only does Wolf Creek make wine I like, the owners have a marvelous sense of humor. The label declares, "Our winemaker was never an American in Paris, but he thinks nothing is more beautiful than his wife, or Rhapsody in blue bottles rolling off the bottling line." Brilliant!

I confess to preferring my wine to be a little on the sweet side, so this wine suits me just right: delicate, lightly sweet, like the just-ripening fruits of late summer. It paired well with a flavorful salad and springtime vegetables, and I know it will go well with nearly anything I might make for dinner this summer, whether I follow the advice on the bottle to enjoy "while listening to a Gershwin tune" or not.

I hope to get back to the winery next month, possibly for a tour with the fair Titania as well as Phoenix, and I may bring home a couple more varieties.

But don't worry, I'm set until then, no matter where summer's currents may lead.


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