Monday, June 05, 2006

A Midsummer Night's Tea

Several weeks back, I made a light and refreshing new herbal blend for my morning tea, containing four herbs found regularly in my garden.

I've tried it again a couple of times since, enjoying the light, lilting floral flavor every time. And I've mentioned it to the fair Titania, who was instantly jealous and wanted to try some herself.

So since I've recently dried more Moroccan mint and have been meaning to clean out my cupboards, I decided to make a larger batch of this tea tonight to have some on hand as well as to share.

All the herbs in this batch came from my garden and were grown organically, so there's no question of local vs. organic here!

I only had enough herbs to fill two small jars, but that was plenty for me and for Titania. I decided to take the time to make attractive labels for the tea and to pull out lovely lavender ribbons to decorate the jar, seeing as how she enjoys good presentation as much as I do.

And though I don't have enough to share with the rest of you, if you're interested, the recipe itself is very simple.


Midsummer Blossom Tea

1 part dried Moroccan mint (spearmint, peppermint, or orange mint would also work)
1 part dried lemon balm
1 part dried lavender blossoms
1/4 part dried rose scented geranium leaves or petals (rose petals would work)

Mix thoroughly. Store in glass jars. To brew, use 1 T tea mix per cup of hot water; sweeten with honey if desired.


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