Saturday, June 24, 2006

Green Grocers

I awoke to no power again in the house this morning. So be it, I thought. So I'll lose a few more things in the refrigerator. Big deal.

It was easy for me to take that casual attitude since I knew I'd be headed to the farmers' market in a very short time... and that 'tis still the season for good fresh greens.

Sure enough, every farmer had some kind of greens available, most of which would easily make an entire meal with no cooking whatsoever. So, you guessed it, I stocked up.

From the Fiddlin' Farmer, I bought curly kale (to be cooked later) and a nice plump kohlrabi, good for peeling and munching on raw.

From the Amish Farmers, I bought three small tomatoes to enjoy with some of the thawing pesto from the freezer.

From the Cheerful Lady, I gathered two big bags of her fantastic salad mix and a bag of spinach to add a nice change of pace.

From the Taste-Everything! Lady, I bought a bunch of flowering arugula to add to salads or something later on, as well as a bunch of fresh romaine.

From the Original Organic Farmer, I bought a firm head of cabbage (cole slaw actually sounds good!), a beautiful head of broccoli, and two of her homemade brownies (not as fudgy as mine, but still pretty wonderful).

Add to that peanut butter cookies and zucchini bread from a quiet Mennonite woman and a loaf of house bread from the local bakery, and I figured I was pretty well set for the remainder of the power outage.

I headed home, and after some weeding and garden clean-up, I enjoyed a big (BIG) salad with over half a bag of salad mix, the last of the feta, and some walnuts from the freezer along with chunks of that chewy, wholesome bread. (Yes, and a brownie, too!)

Tonight for dinner, I had pretty much the same meal. Nothing exciting or earth-shattering, but on a warm evening with no electricity, I'll take it.

Of course, wouldn't you know it? As soon as I trekked down to the store for a bag of ice to replenish the cooler, the power came back on. Mind you, I'm not complaining! Refrigeration is a marvelous thing.

So tomorrow I'll be back in the kitchen. After all, I've got plenty of green vegetables to use. But I'll be ready for something other than salad.

And you know, it ain't easy bein' green.


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